Luton Town: Staring into the Abyss

First published 2008 by Desert Island Books

ISBN - 978-1-905328-46-8 (256 pages, illustrated)

What the critics said:


* "A Luton Town fanatic has written a book charting the history of his beloved club . . . author Rob, who used to live in Runfold Avenue, has done histories of Chelsea, Ipswich, Norwich, Colchester and Kilmarnock , but now has finally got around to writing one on his own club." - BEDS ON SUNDAY


* "The book traces Luton Town's history back to 1958 when the club briefly topped the Football League, but most of the crises highlighted are restricted to Town's more recent history." - LUTON NEWS


* "Got bought the book for Christmas and started it the other day. Great so far, good read - recommended!" - 'BRUNO'


* "Don't tell me the ending, I still have about 40 pages to go. So far it's a great read though." - 'SHEP'


* "Just finished it. A must read for all Luton fans. A right emotional stroll down memory lane." - 'WESTONIAN'




*  (BELOW) The day I became a magazine  cover star ...... !        Yes, shorts were rather tiny in those days!

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