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 ROB HADGRAFT Journalist, author,   blogger, runner


My sporting histories and biographies, published in hardback, paperback and as e-books. All currently available in the shops, from the publishers, and online from Amazon!



BLOG: 'Diary of a Clapped-Out Runner'


Read about my trials and tribulations as an ordinary veteran club runner who is getting older and slower, but ain't quite quit yet! 

* Also, 50th anniverary memories of pirate radio station RADIO CAROLINE!

* Coming soon: 'Alwyn McGuffie's Toyshop' - my Luton Town nostalgia page.

Published features in magazines and journals


Football, cricket and running - wallow in the the history and the nostalgia - as featured in my in-depth articles published in various magazines and journals over the years.



Tweets from Rob Hadgraft @RobHadgraft
  • Stoke unhappy they've bought the wrong Cameron. Too late, I've now disconnected the fax for the night.

  • Luton to be fined £5k for giving 5 kids their debut last night while Norwich U23s have a 28 year old scoring 3 for them. The game is broken.

  • Over-hyped transfer deadline is overshadowing today's real football story - the farcical opening round of the EFL Trophy and its fall-out

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